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Tweed Tips for Top Types

Tweed ride is all about style…it’s one girl’s love of tweed and the men that wear it. Check back for the hottest tweed looks, from modern to vintage; we aim to blow your mind with the trend-settingest wool-weaves in the world-wide-webs.

We’ll start by calling out this trendy gentleman’s tweed jacket – chew on that for a moment, and tell me your mind doesn’t weave further possibilities for outfits of your own.


How to Plan a Tweed Style Wedding

Are the wedding bells ringing for you? Marriage actually marks the ultimate commitment between two people while symbolizing the union of two families and the beginning of a new one. But one of the biggest things that you have to do before getting married is to get prepared for the big day. There are actually a number of things that are included in planning a wedding and these include hiring a wedding planner, selecting the venue, selecting the food items and beverages, hiring a photographer etc. Apart from that, it is also necessary to choose the right attire for the groom. In case you are not sure what to wear, then this article can be your guide.

The most important aspect of selecting the right attire for the groom is to choose the right fabric. For winter days, it is necessary to choose thicker fabrics and on the contrary, thinner and lighter fabrics are perfect for the spring and summer days. Besides, there are some other fabrics that are ideal for wedding attire and tweed is one of those.

The Power & Beauty of Tweed

Tweed is basically one of the massive trends of the present time for the more creative grooms and there are numerous styles to choose from in different types of colors. Actually, tweed is timeless and this also looks great for the country style, rustic wedding. So, in case you are planning for a rustic or country style wedding theme, then choosing tweed style is definitely worthy. But in case you don’t like something full tweed, then you can opt for tweed tie or tweed waistcoat. On the other hand, if you are planning to go for conventionally styled tweed with a little pattern, then you can be a little wacky with the choice of shirts. For instance, it is possible to bring a life to the tweed suit with a crosshatch patterned shirt. And the overall look seems really authentic and makes the outfit lively.

Origins of the Weave

Originated in the late 18th century, Tweed is basically a tradition of Scotland and for many years, it has also been the dream of many designers. Actually, this is a gorgeous style of clothing, which is just ideal for Spring/Autumn bohemian wedding. Known for the gray or beige shade and rough texture, tweed was previously considered as a type of informal clothing. But the scenario has changed a lot at the present time. As a result, these days, tweed is considered as a whimsical, authentically British and chic. As a result, tweed is not only used to make business suits, but this material is also used to tailor some great looking wedding suits.

The main secret to pulling off this fabric is to layering and accessorizing it. So, apart from using this suit as a single piece, you can also create loads of great layers. In fact, with loads of attention and care, it is actually possible to create a great look that can make the personality of the groom shining.

Thinking of Wearing the Whole Get-up?

So, in case you are in search of any specific material to compliment the tweed theme, then there are a number of cuts from which you can choose. Each of these cuts ensures exceptional quality. But in case you are still not convinced about having a tweed wedding suit, then you can also opt for a tweed waistcoat along with your suit while making the entire outfit a three-piece suit. Here the waistcoat would perfectly balance the alleged informality of the cloth while making it really special for the occasion.

After selecting the cut, the next step is to visit a professional tweed tailor, who will assemble your selected material.


If you’re so style-inept as to be ignorant of the glorious nature of tweed, then let the YouTubes illuminate you:

But all in good fun; we make tweed out to be something crucial to the world when obviously it’s something we just use to entertain ourselves. Everyone needs an outlet for their sarcastic humour, twill’d with some haute-couture, right?

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